Where to Stay

The vast majority of people coming to the wedding are not Seattlites; in fact, the vast majority don't even live in the same timezone. Consequently, most aren't that familiar with the available accommodation in the area. Which is okay, because neither are we! However, Heidi's mum, Jeanne, who does have the benefit of being in the locality, has kindly looked at the options in the area and whilst there are other options available, we would like to recommend the Ramada Inn at Northgate. There are two main reasons for our doing this:

  • it's a Ramada hotel. They may not be five star, but they're generally of good quality without being unreasonably priced;
  • it provides easy access to the city and is simultaneously easier to get to the church from than a centrally-located hotel;

There are other reasons, too - it's located ten minutes from a mall (that's by foot, not by car; you know you love the exercise!); it's dead easy to get to; and it has neon lights, look:-

Picture of Ramada Inn, Northgate

which to my mind makes it a winner by default. However, the other main thing in the Ramada's favour is that it may be possible to get a group discount for everyone if enough people go there, so if you are looking for accommodation, please let us know ASAP and we'll do our best to sort that out.

Private Suite Double room
Private Suite Double Room

In addition to a swimming pool for those mad enough to want to go swimming outdoors in the Seattle winter, the hotel, which was refitted in the not-too-distant past, also houses a restaurant, a bar lounge, a fitness centre/spa and some shops, and provides laundry/valet services. Rooms are equipped with cable TV and modem lines for those rich enough to use them, and have their own coffee makers (woo!).

Rates for standard rooms range from $75 to $105 per night, and premium suites are available for up to $199 per night. We haven't actually checked on this exactly, however, so this will bear some looking into.

Oh, and you get a complimentary continental breakfast each morning, apparently. Anyway, their webpage is here, although it's rather slow; you can get better information from this site, which also allows you to make bookings if need be. And if the Ramada isn't what you're after, you can use the same site to search for alternative options - there are some 20-30 hotels listed for the area.

If you need any help with your accommodation, please contact either myself or Heidi. We can't guarantee that we'll be able to sort you out, but we'll do what we can.