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And so it came to pass that Heidi and Graham got engaged after 3 years of many telephone calls and lots of travelling across the globe (well, the Atlantic, anyhow), and did indeed set a date for their wedding. But their friends and family were flung far and wide across the continents - however were they going to let them know what was happening, when, where, and perhaps most notably, why? The net-crossed couple came upon the plan to erect a webpage from which those invited could plot their arrival from the ease of their armchairs.

And lo, this is it; hopefully you'll find any information you might need about when the wedding is taking place and how to get to it. Since neither of us is actually anywhere near Seattle at the moment - and one of us doesn't even have permission to go there yet! (as of, ooo, mid-August) - it's been difficult enough trying to co-ordinate ourselves, let alone give everyone else the information they need. In theory, this webpage will rectify matters and everyone's life will be that much easier...

So there's the theory. In practise, we've done our best to make suggestions, particularly regarding accommodation, and to provide all the information we can on the wedding itself, but we've no doubt missed something off, so if you do need to know something, please use the contact links liberally provided all over these pages to get in touch with us. Ooo look, here's some now!

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